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Got treats?!

20131207-130936.jpg Zoe & Jack (ssshhh….don’t tell Ginger & Buddy).

Day 9 – 10th evening: Have gone out to eat dinner twice (will share later), made dinner on the beach 7 times; last night made the eighth beach-cooked meal, and in an effort to simplify and add some gooey comfort, pizza hit the mark. There used to be a great pizza joint just up the road, an errant shot from the tennis club. We used to go there once a trip for lunch, but most enjoyed the night each trip we zipped in, picked it up to-go and took away a feast that was easy on the beach. There’s a place in Manzanita (on the Oregon Coast) that was it’s only rival that (we’ve found so far). Unfortunately, Matteo’s closed, only to be replaced with another pizza place at that location, that is nice, but not as tasty (but check this out, looks like we are leaving Island too soon – we will report on this next trip but by all means, anyone that goes, please send feedback). We opted to take matters into our own hands for pizza night, and this was the result.

Blank slate pizza (purchase from Whole Foods because you have surf and sand time priorities instead of prep time).


Blank slate Fresh start pizza – Caramelize Maui sweet onions and put them over the cheese pizza; top with fresh tomato slices


Blank slate, Fresh start, Meat lover’s pizza – Add thin slices of Parma prosciutto and Calabrese salame


Blank slate, Fresh start, Meat lover’s Hawaiian pizza – and then add some freshly diced Maui pineapple


Blank slate, Fresh start, meat lover’s, Hawaiian, Healthy pizza – for added flavor and much health benefit, add sliced kale, dipped first in a lemon vinaigrette (make in a jar for the salad that will share the pizza’s plate)


Blank slate, Fresh start, Meat lover’s, Hawaiian, Healthy, Surfing Goat pizza – dollop some “undderly delicious” Surfing Goat cheese evenly around.



Cook in 500 degree oven for 8-10 minutes. Remove and let cool slightly before putting back in the cardboard packaging to transfer to the beach for reheating over hot charcoal on beach.


Whew…….beach pizza – 13 minutes start to finish


Disclaimer: Time does not include packing, transporting and reheating. Total time before grilling should be at least 2 hours to have time to enjoy sunset Happy Hour. Let cure in beach pavilion refrigerator (if lucky to have) or cooler until sun sets and wine (or beer) is opened. Gin and tonics (or preferred drink – alcohol or otherwise) to proceed and accompany sunset. Fresh-cut vegetables, such as purple, yellow or orange carrots (that still look like carrots) alongside kohlrabi and radish are nice. Serve vegi’s sliced neatly with Stacy’s Bare (will not insert comment from Tom) Pita Chips and hummus prepared by Whole Foods Maui (the best hummus I have had outside of Chez Stacey – no kidding!).



Just Jack!

Night, night Jack!