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I often like to read the last page first and scan pages from bottom to top.  In sequels however, I like to see the story from beginning to end.  This is my story, or at least a peak at my story, as told through this blog, which began in September of 2013 (although you will see things that are part of the earlier part of my story mixed in).  Here (below) is a listing of the blog posts from beginning to end.  After the title of each post is a listing of the associated recipe, or “no recipe” if one doesn’t exist.  I know this will help me sift through my (digital) journal and hopefully it will also help you navigate to a particular post that might peak your interest.

September 2013

Guinea & the Pigs – no recipe

Forgive me my manners – Breakfast Potatoes

October 2013

Resurrecting the Past – Veal (or beef), Potato and Leek stew

Fresh, Mulled Apple Cider – The recipe should be obvious

Will the real fried chicken please step forward? – no recipe

Thoughts of Dad – Pork Chops, Braised Cabbage and Carrots

Last one to the party (misses out on Joe’s sauerbraten!) – Cheese Sauce (for hot, soft pretzels)

I never learn (will I ever learn?) – Steamed Clams with Bacon, Potatoes and Jalapeño

November 2013

Thick fog – pure soup – Cauliflower Soup, garnished with chanterelles and pink lady apples

One step less – Vermouth Braised Lamb Shank, alongside melted fennel, carrots and polenta

Seasons pass – Seared Alaskan Halibut with crispy potatoes, castelvetrano olives, lemon and parsley

A Crabby King – King Crab & Spot Prawns with three dips (Linda’s Aioli, Stacey’s Cocktail Sauce and Tom’s Garlicky Butter)

Traditionally, non-traditional – Thanksgiving in Hawaii, Beach stuffing with sausage and kale

December 2013

a dogs brekkfust. By buddy – Buddy’s breakfast

Beach pizza (Jack and Zoe pizza) – Blank slate, fresh start, meat lover’s, Hawaiian pizza

First things first – Linguine bolognese (the short-cut version)

Appetizers Part One – Holiday Basics – Antipasto platter, vegi platter, tuna and radicchio salad, tuna-stuffed peppadew, tomato/basil bruschetta, smoked salmon potato bites, seared tuna with roasted-pepper mustard, roasted beets with chèvre, marinated mushrooms…

Let them eat (crab) cake! – Dungeness crab cakes

Appetizers Part Duex – Happy New Year to You! – Oysters on the 1/2 shell with mignonette, tuna tartare with miso, duck wontons, grilled coconut-prawns with mango dipping sauce, hoisen pork tenderloin…

January 2014

A (light, late night) Fiesta for One (with Scooby Snacks for Two)! – Black bean soup with lime creme

Ginger Snaps – Ginger snaps

Recovery Soup – carrot, ginger, leek – Carrot soup

Cannellini Broth Soup – A Detour – Cooking cannellini beans, Cannellini broth soup

My Kind of Brunch – Pan-fried pork chop with black bean mash, macerated zucchini and a sunny-side-up egg

Simple Salmon (fit for a Princess) – Salmon over shaved celery root and cabbage

February 2014

The Beet Goes On… – Beet Tower with red chard sauce

Hard to come by – Pastrami toast with egg

Heart to Heart – Grilled Swordfish with orange cream sauce & mango salsa

Life Predicts Change – Spaghetti with meat sauce

March 2014

Steak can wait – Sturgeon bathed in anchovy-tomato sauce with Mediterranean friends

“Pen” Pals – Sauerkraut and white wine-braised beef short ribs

February Flashback – Braised oxtails with cranberry beans, (plus) double chocolate madeleines

One fish, red fish, fresh fish, delish – King salmon green enchiladas

Dog 1 and Dog 2 – no recipe

Three birds, one stone – Banana pancakes with avocado and grilled citrus

What the duck? – Roast duck tacos

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Quick breakfasts for the office (avocado with lime, English muffin with tomato, basil and cheese, super-healthy smoothie)

Since he’s not here… – Simple sautéed calamari with garlic, olives and tomato

Please Remove Your Shoes – Crisp halibut over raw beet, apple, cabbage and blue cheese slaw with mint aioli

April 2014

k e b a a a b – Lemony-pork kebabs tucked in naan with spinach, hummus and green olive yogurt sauce

The C h i c k p e a  Under pressure – Pressure-cooked chickpeas (with broth)

Put the lime in the coconut – Coconut prawns with mango dipping sauce

One from “the book(s)” – Balsamic braised chicken thighs with potatoes and caramelized endive

The Dirty Dozen – Deviled eggs – Chez Stacey style (with truffle oil and ham)

There go the “clackers” – Raw beet and asparagus salad

A “Classic” – Classic Bloody Mary

Serving Time – Clams and Mussels with Spanish influence

Fur teen.By buddy – no recipe

May 2014

Lead and Follow – Charred red pepper mustard sauce (and how to roast a pepper)

I yam what I yam (but no yams here) – Spinach soup

Mirror, Mirror – Lemon goat cheese cake

A Toast, a (party) Taste & a Tidbit (amuse) – Chez Stacey Tuna Poke bites

how to eeet Kaaale, By buddy – Fishe kaaale (for dogs)

A Mixed Bag – Baked falafel, Easy tzatziki sauce, Falafel wraps and lamb + beef kebab wraps, Falafel and feta madeleines, Herbed chickpea yeast cake

There’s Something About Buddy – Part 1 – no recipe

June 2014

A Gift of Treasures – no recipe (our trip to The Willows Inn, Lummi Island, WA)

There’s Something About Buddy – part two – no recipe (cancer care for dogs)

A Fragrant Smell – Roasted wings of chicken, ginger, garlic and spinach

My Writing Process, “A Blog Tour” – no recipe

Oops! – no recipe

Stamina, Endurance and an Encore – Chocolate Chunk Pine Nut Cookies

July 2014

His kind of gal, her kind of guy! – Cedar-planked salmon + my Mom’s favorite salmon

Nibbler, Nibbler: Red, White and Blueberry pie – Red, white and blueberry pie

The quick little “big salad” – “Big” Bleu Shrimp Salad + Bleu cheese dressing

The Burger that “Loafs” About – (Meat)Loaf burger

Watermelon Soup (aka summer chili) – Watermelon soup

Willpower (is over-rated)… – My top ten (non-cracker) snacks – no recipe

August 2014

Salad of Duck Confit, starring: Strawberry and Fig – Same as the title

Ten shades of Re(a)d – no recipe

Short (stack) – Pancakes

Just Peachy (1 sweet + 2 savory) – Spicy Peach Galette, Peach barbecue sauce, Tany peach sauce

The magic mushroom – on health & healing – Mushroom corn ragout, braised beef ribs in tangy barbecue sauce

September 2014

What is wrong with me?? – Roasted tomatoes, Chicken + eggplant parmesan

Down on the farm and back to the city – Corn broth, Corn butter

Burnt Toast – (and IFBC 2014) – Biscuits and “cream”

One! – Pork belly + scallop, massaged kale, cantaloupe sauce. (non-recipe description of True cod with corn, wild mushrooms, baby bok choy and shoyu corn broth, raw beet stacks with miso sauce + pickled ginger)

October 2014

(I am) Saucy – Nectarine sauce (savory) – Also pictured with grilled opah + corn, onion sauté.

Turn up the heat! – Tomato soup (+)

Green Soup (and ham?) – Green soup

November 2014

Even the best laid plans – Tiramisu

the Big shake: by ginger – Tiramisu gelato

The best of both worlds – Grilled (tuna &) cheese sandwich

December 2014

Notoriously Late – Rosemary citrus brined cornish hens

We Believe – Christmas Strata

January 2015

The Mandarin orange (& holiday lamb) – Pomegranate, Kona coffee, Rack of Lamb with Celery Root puree & Mandarin Orange relish

In and Out – Chicken Broth for Dogs

Hot Nuts – Rosemary roasted cashews

A day in the life: the dogs (and food) of Santana Row – no recipe

February 2015

From the journals: #1 – Grilled Lamb Chop with Three Bean Ratatouille

Buddy Hop – Duck confit hash with poached egg and roasted mushroom & cauliflower sauce

March 2015

Arriba! –  Spicy quinoa & pozole salad in an acorn squash bowl, served with a side of Oaxacan-kissed ribs

Happy discovery #1 – Tapioca pancakes

It’s NOT complicated! – BLT

April 2015

Our happy place – no recipe but a description of our breakfast sammy on Summer House English muffins

A zen moment – lemon curd cake/ lemon curd

Time Passes – Lemon and Yogurt roasted leg-of-lamb with herbaceous pesto

May 2015

Imagine if – Irma’s Pozole

The Twentieth of May (and a visit to Paws Cafe) – Happy Turkey Coma (food for dogs)

June 2015

Red Rover – Tomatillo Chicken Thighs over Jade Rice

Fly Fishing – Gin & Tonic Smoked Salmon + Jalepeno Cherry Sauce

July 2015

Food to Remember plus recipes to be written someday! – Beer-can Chicken, Stuffed Poblanos,

August 2015

A number’s game – Fig & Ricotta Cake + Carrot Cake, by the numbers

Dog Days, by Ginger – Buddy & Ginger’s favorite home-cooked meal for pups

October 2015

A sure B.E.T. (Bacon, Egg & Tomato breakfast sandwich)

Humble Pie – individual apple pies

November 2015

60 – no recipe

The Second Act – no recipe

January 2016

Food matters: by Ginger – Doggy Turkey Delight

So long…our friend (by Ginger) – Seared monkfish with pan jus and kale

February 2016

Lentils, with a side of pizza – lentil and arugula salad

Bored meetings are boring: by buddy – no recipe

Luna, a love story – Curried avocado toasts

March 2016

The Sound of Spring (and a good egg) – Bloody Mary English Muffins and a Good Egg

April 2016

I can’t believe I did not post anything this month.

May 2016

Happy Campers – King Salmon Naan with fried capers and aioli

Sweet 16 & always been kissed, By Ginger & Buddy – Macaroons

Lamb Curry (happened along the way) – Lamb Curry

December 2016

Old Fashion(ed) holiday cheer! – HOLIDAY SPICED OLD FASHIONED (made to order)

January 2017

Past Midnight – no recipe

February 2017

The House Detective – Hanger Steak Salad

March 2017

Lamb Belly Bacon Breakfast Pizza (slash) Gyro

April 2017

Seventeen – Flour-less Buddy Birthday Cake

May 2017

Now Playing – Asparagus + Cauliflower Soup

June 2017

Potato, Po-taw-ta Tomato, Tom-aw-ta – “Castoway’s” Classic Potato Salad (+ a thing on ribs)

August 2017

Sweet and Sour (summer beverages and other life moments) – Sweet and Sour (lemon/lavendar vodka cooler)

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