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tihis mornig mom an Dad made a fuss an aksed mee if i no wut day it iz.
i think  toozday but they sed iz meye birthday

photo copy 3

they sang how ald ar yu ?but i dont no i waz rilliee Yung wen i was born then Mom an dadd sed i em Fur teen

wy ask mee if they alreddy no ?

yesdiday was no. fun   mom ANDAD TUK ME TO THE V>E>T> aaan i got stuck with a lotz of Nedulz
Chelssee waz there agin, She likes me

i am old enuf to be her gandad..!           that”s a jok hahaa,


do u like it wen Pepel watch you eet?   i dont mind
yor Pal. buddy