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10 shades
Journals #1 – 10 from 1998 – 2014

I have an affinity for red. This is quizzical since I most always wear black. I don’t usually wear lipstick, but if I did, the colors of my journals seem like they might be a good fit. These are my journals.

Ten journals. Eight handwritten and two high-tech. Tom brought me into the age of computer journaling the Christmas of 2012, when he gifted me my own iPad Mini, inscribed lovingly on the back “For Saucy – Love Guinea & the Pigs”.

I was still teetering on beginning a new handwritten journal and moving into the current Century. I inherited (or shall I say, took-over) Tom’s iPad (yes, the first version) when I finished handwritten journal number 8. The things written on Tom’s iPad are what I refer to now as, “the lost chapters” because the Pages app got corrupted and lost everything at some point; until the “genius” mentioned a software program that was able to recoup some of those entries (but I’m sure not all).

This original iPad to which I am referring, has a cover that is Black. My journals are Red!

Ironic I know. Such is my life. Ironic, but good.

From here-forward, this 3rd day of August, 2014, I begin journal number 10 (so this is a changing of the “guard”, if you will). My current Mini in it’s second leather cover. In honor of this new chapter (journal), I have set up a new page that indexes all of the posts from this blog, by month, year, title and recipe.

You can check it out here and I hope it inspires you to revisit, or visit for the first time, the stories of 10 Legs in the Kitchen. A kitchen always in motion, always in flux and always with love.