PS2_leisure crazy

I thought I was a Pup of Leisure.

Mom recently got into the habit of hauling us to the office with her and now I spend my days surrounded by paperwork (literally)!


And the buzz of electronic machinery.

PS3_g monitor.jpg

I even had to attend a meeting in the talking room.

ginger conf.jpg

Ginger’s not paying attention!

So, I’ve already been invited to a bored meeting; I now see how it got it’s name.

buddy conf

Huh?  Even my attention is waning.

The first day I came to the office, I started out taking dictation.


Uh huh, yup, I’m listening….(snort, snarf, snoozzzzzzz).

They didn’t even let me take off my coat first, but at least I got to bring my own chair.

yes, yes, i'm listening

wutz that?  yes, yes, I’m listening…

can you spell that again.jpg

dictation is  h a r rr d .

Of course, Princess didn’t have to work.

I'm going to the watercooler where the action is.jpg

As soon as I’m rested, I think I’ll go to the water cooler where the real action is…

After proving my abilities though, I got promoted; now I get sent out to fetch lunch.


i have to watch out for princess too (don’t forget that I’m the boss)

the food is better here.jpg

come on ginger, the food is better at this truck

I wonder What’s for dinner? or betteR yet, I wonder what Mom iz cooking for dinner?


I think tomorrow I’m gonna call in sick