The clock was ticking…

Anticipation was mounting…

…another year came near it’s end and a New Year was ready to be born.

It is not the end of something really, but the beginning, of new possibilities!

As the clock struck midnight on December 31st of 2016, I was, once again… asleep!

I awoke, a mere 26 (or so) minutes into my slumber, at 12:04 am, to the sound of horns tooting (thanks to my husband) and fireworks shooting.

It is not, however, what happens as the clock strikes midnight that matters as much as it is what happens after midnight passes that counts.

Today, January 1, 2017, as the world reflects on the year that has just passed and the uncertainties, and possibilities that are yet to come, I ponder just 5 things:

  1.  How is it I can stay awake, (way) past midnight, on (most) any occasion, other than New Year’s Eve?!!!
  2. Does (Princess) Ginger like wearing her hat each year or is she silently thinking, “Really, again with the @#$%! tiara?”
  3. Will Buddy and Ginger watch A Charlie Brown’s Christmas, for the third time (this year), and love it as much as us? *
  4. Did the weather man actually get it right, finally, this year, or was he just lucky it snowed last night?
  5. What the hell is for dinner, the ‘fridge is (unusually) bare? **

*Yes, they will.  Buddy and Snoopy were separated at birth, I’m convinced.  Charles Shultz was channeling him…

**The answer to that question is, inevitably, pasta! Bolognese is always a good ideaor some version of it (I smell it in the oven now…you’re welcome Tom; although this was made from grinding prime tenderloin from our freezer and using my, well stocked, frozen, home-made tomato sauce…use of whatever pasta we had in the pantry…).

PS_IMG_9246.jpgNow Buddy counts sheep.  1… snooooozzz.