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Everybody has a birthday.  A day of the year which marks the 365th day (times how ever many repetitions of that quantity of days there have been) since they were born.   It seems such an arbitrary number, especially since for me, it is unclear on which day the 365 day countdown began.

I know I was born sometime in April because there were cherry blossoms in bloom outside.  And I like Spring.  Yet, this particular year, it seems it can mean the beginning of the month, or on the other hand, it may mean at the end of the month.  It’s all so confusing.

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This year we have been celebrating my birthday since the 10th of the month, but today I was given my very special party hat, on this 29th day in April.  I am pretty sure that Dad was confused about that other day of my birth since he is only going on old paperwork when I was in limbo, those days shortly before he was my Dad.  Mom “knows” it was the 29th, but truth be told, I also know they didn’t think I would be here long enough to celebrate this particular date, so it’s been birthday month ever since.  Nothing wrong with that.

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I am told that this year I am 17 years old, in silly human years,  more confusingly, 84 years old or so in dog years, when actually to me, it seems that I am, more precisely, 6,205 days lived (period).  Wow.  When you get to be a wise and handsomely mature guy like me, you know it isn’t a given to count on that 365th day to come around again so it is prudent to count everyday, as a gift.  Everyday is a gift.  I am happy to be here and happy to still be with my loving family, many special stuffed animals and comfy blankies, with many additional thanks to my dedicated care-givers, Doctors and friends.

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The years, or even days, don’t define who you are, but what you do with them are important as to who you become, or how happy you are living them.  I will know when it is time to say goodbye, but for now, I will wear my party hat with glee, eat my (flour-less) cake and kiss my sister.


“Happy birthday dear Buddy…”

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I might look like I am old to some, but to my parents, I am still their little boy.

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I feel young inside my head, that hasn’t changed.  I might have all sorts of things wrong with me medically but the irony is, the thing that hurts the most right now is my mouth.  So, my advice to you young ones is this: “brush your teeth”!  Lucky for me, my voracious appetite overrides those dang few teeth I have left.  More meeeat!

Love, Buddy



Eggs courtesy of Dr. McCoy , my Acupuncturist & friend.  Well, courtesy of her chickens that is…

Flour-less Buddy Birthday Cake 

The only requirement for this cake, that is of the utmost importance, is this:  Use the freshest of eggs and garnish with peas (my favorite thing) and a hunk of cheese to hold the candle.


1 tsp organic coconut oil

1 farm fresh egg

3 fresh snap peas, cleaned and sliced

To make, heat the oil in a small skillet.

Meanwhile, whisk the egg.

Add egg to the skillet and madly shake the pan to keep it from burning.

Skillfully tilt and shake with the occasional scooping on the edges with a spatula.

When it is mostly cooked through, swiftly toss the cake in the air to fold it over itself.  turn onto a plate and top with the sliced peas.

Ginger says this is actually an omelet but it’s my birthday so it’s cake if I want it to be.

Ginger hat 3.jpg

My turn next Month!