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drink 1

Life is precious!

We all know that I realize… but sometimes it is worth mentioning out loud.

We often take for granted the things that make us breeze through life without (much of a) care.  And then we don’t, because we are no longer breezing by.

Rather than letting life get you down, take a moment to breath in that air, especially when it is no longer breezing by.

Excuse me for a moment, for being slightly cheeky and perhaps even mouthing off something a little cliché, but let me just say, it really is thyme to stop and smell the roses, and the hydrangea, lavender, tomato plants, rosemary, basil and sage.

It is thyme to pour yourself a cocktail, drink in the summer air and wash it down with a big handful of gratitude, for the here and now.  Tomorrow is another day, but right now, it is what we have before us that makes us happy at this moment.

Yesterday, is gone.  Buddy is not.  From here, we are taking it day by day.

buddy 1

Happy Summer (from our lil’ garden gnome).

drink 4

Serves 2 (up to 4 if more of a cooler with more spritz and less kick)

From the garden:
A sprig of thyme (for more time)
A few small basil leaves (because I said so)
A few lavender leaves (for calm) with a couple flower sprigs or leaves for garnish (yeah, so sue me, it’s pretty & smells nice)
6-8 blueberries (for gentle color & sweetness)
Wedge of lime (a little bite & zest)

Put garden contents above in stainless steel shaker & muddle with just a splash of vodka for mixing the contents.

Fill 12 ounce hi-ball glass or double-walled Bodum glass (to prevent condensation and ice from melting) half full with ice.

Put a few ice cubes in shaker to cool, add vodka as desired (a few glugs to half of shaker) and add lemonade to make remaining liquid 3/4 of shaker.

Shake and pour into glasses, it’s ok for the ice to fall into glasses as almost all of the ice is already in them.

Fill glasses about 3/4 full and top with lemonade for more juice/citrus or soda for less sweet and more fizz.

Squeeze and garnish with thin, fresh, lemon wedges on top or hang over rim.

Add a sprig of lavender flower for garnish, if you can sacrifice from your plant, but you can just enjoy looking at it in its container/garden from your deck or patio instead if it is just starting out.  We’re all striving for longevity you know.

Buddy and Ginger in jungle

Life can be a jungle…

Buddy and Ginger with cart

…just remember to keep on truckin’,…

BUddy and Ginger 2.jpg

…stay close to your family,…

buddy and ginger 1

…they usually have your back!

buddy nap

It is perfectly acceptable to take a nap!  Rest, rejuvenate…but do it in the shade!

Ginger has my back

That looks like a good nap, Buddy…


buddy shade

…Shhhhhh, Ginger, I’m Earthing… zzzzzzzz


In dedication to everyone’s furry family members, past, present and future; life would be sour without ever meeting.  And to our fellow pet lover and blog friend, Rachel’s beloved Butterfly, who passed away last week, but is still smelling life’s flowers.  Rachel, he will always be with you and play happily in everyone’s hearts he touched!