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If not, it should be.

A thing.

Dessert toast that is.  Don’t you agree?

I mean we have French toast for breakfast (which, by the way is dessert that we happen to eat in the morning).

People like to eat eggs for dinner, which is funny because we often assume anything can be called breakfast, simply by adding an egg.

Add an egg to a dinner plate and it is often still considered to be dinner (think poached egg on a salad, an egg dropped into hot soup or tossed up with pasta for carbonara).

An omelette in the eventing is considered breakfast for dinner, but in my estimation is simply a sandwich using eggs rather than bread, so perhaps it is technically lunch? Or in the very least brunch?

Which brings me to my original question.  Is dessert toast a thing?

I think yes.  IF not, it should be.

You wouldn’t hesitate to eat cake for dessert, which is just bread minus the egg and with less sugar, right?

Only difference is dessert toast waits on the butter until right at the end, melting decadently into each crispy crevice just begging to partner with it’s sweet friend honey or jam.

Well okay, yeast; such details I will skip.

marmalade toast

Orange marmalade by Preserve, discovered at Bay Hay & Feed on Bainbridge Island.

It could be argued that is more like a cookie than cake, step in cinnamon and sugar instead or bring on the peanut butter as well as the jam?

Dessert toast is as versatile as pie, change one fruit for another or slather it in goat cheese and tuck in some figs.

grape jelly toast

Homemade grape jelly by Lois Casto.

Yes, this is considered breakfast to some, but to me it is just as much the perfect ending to a simple dinner as it is the beginning of an ordinary or even extraordinary day.

Zoe did someone say toast

Did someone say toast?

silly ol bear

I’d like honey on mine, please.


Oh Winston, you silly ol’ bear.


Everyone knows it is best with raspberry jelly.